The Benefits Of Barter

As we tread on into the 21st Century, we're facing an overtaxed, over legislated, over burdened Nanny State that is, by design, insistent upon keeping us 'dependent,' and stopping us, at all costs, from being self-sustaining. At the heart of this problem, is the lack of income we're facing from having no jobs, and a government that makes 'self employment' difficult at best, by creating regulations and licensing requirements that stifle our citizen's from creating self-sustaining income streams.

We can grow our food food, luckily, but we can't sell it.  We can build our own shelters, but we can't sell that skill to someone else.  We can even raise our own livestock, including fish, but we can't sell that livestock.

At least not for money….

In striving to become self-sustaining, we've realized that there are just some things we can't do.  We can't have a cow for milk or beef.  We can't keep any pigs for pork. We can farm tilapia, but it will produce far more than our family can ever hope to eat, or even store, and we can't even sell the excess…

We're also living 'check to check,' with no savings, which limits our ability to buy a lot of the supplies we need to prepare. 

If and when the S does HTF, we will see a return to the barter system like never before.  Craigslist already has a section for 'barter,' and I can tell you that Craigslist save my life when I was a single, unemployed, mom, pregnant with another. Not only was the barter section a huge help to me, but the "Free" section, the "Gigs" section, and many other sections, like the community and child care sections where I could post a 'need', and offer to trade something I had in return for it.

The best thing about barter is that it is an individual to individual trade, not a business to masses exchange of goods and services, and therefore, not subjected to licensing requirements.  If I have a goat to trade for canning supplies, I don't need to be licensed by the Department of Agriculture to trade that goat, whereas I would need to be licensed if I were to sell same said goat.

There are some exceptions to what would be a 'legal' trade, for instance, you cannot 'trade' your prescription medication for something because they are a controlled substance, which no one other than you can legally possess. You should check your state and county barter laws for what may or may not be legal to trade, and you must always report the 'value of the assets' you traded on your tax return, since there is no such thing as a 'tax free' anything anymore, but bartering is a necessary skill.



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