The Many Types of Cherry Trees

The Many Types of Cherry Trees One of the most pleasant trees you can possibly maintain is a cherry tree. The word Cherry is derived from the name of an ancient city in Turkey. It describes both the tree and the fruit it produces. A cherry fruit is classified as a ?drupe?. In the center […]

Starting an Orchard

Starting an Orchard If you have a large amount of land that you have not put to use, you may consider planting an orchard. If you?ve had previous experiences with planting and maintaining trees, that is an added reason why you would be perfect for maintaining an orchard. It might seem like an overwhelming thing […]

Staking a Young Tree

Staking a Young Tree When a tree is in the young stages, one of the most vital things you need to provide for it in addition to water and nutrients is support. If you don?t hold up the tree somehow, it might end up bending in a certain direction and growing extremely crooked for the […]