Survival Gifts For Kids For The Holidays

The holidays can test even the most committed survivalists wide range of skills.  From the financial survival skills to the battle over every toy the kids see on tv, all the way to surviving the out-0f-town guests and cooking and cleaning that comes with them. For us, it’s finding the right presents, at the right […]

How to Grow Your Own Organic Turmeric

How to Grow Your Own Organic Turmeric Today we have a guest post on growing organic tumeric, from Mishka Thomas,an instructor at an American agricultural college and training institute.  Gardening is an essential survival skill as is good health.  The amount of chemicals used in modern day farming have been linked to increasing health problems.  […]

Free Greenhouse Plans For You To Build With Your Kids

 Free Greenhouse Plans You Can Build With Your Kids As Pioneering Parents with an interest of teaching our kids survival skills and self sustaining values, the idea of constructing a greenhouse in our backyard, with our kids, where they can enjoy tending to the  plants is definitely part our plans. Most greenhouses constructed are independently […]