A new litter of baby bunny rabbits


There were 5, but we lost one.  The other 4 seem to be doing well.  They all have fur now and though they still mostly stay in their little huddle, yesterday one ventured from the pack and started ‘hopping’ around the room. They’re actually a lot smaller than the appear in this picture.  Next time, […]

The New Baby Rabbit!


Back in December, our New Zealand Doe gave birth to a new baby rabbit.  Daddy is an American buck. Both parents are all white.  The buck’s eyes are blue and the doe’s eyes are red.  The baby’s eyes are red.  Here’s to hoping it gets as big as Momma.   We have a 3 bedroom […]

Rabbit Traps


Buying, Setting and Using Rabbit Traps You may be wondering why this article is talking about rabbit traps, considering all the information on the site about caring, raising and farming rabbits. Don't worry, I'm not going to discuss hurting any living creature, but you still should know about how to use rabbit traps. When you […]