Rabbit Traps


Buying, Setting and Using Rabbit Traps You may be wondering why this article is talking about rabbit traps, considering all the information on the site about caring, raising and farming rabbits. Don't worry, I'm not going to discuss hurting any living creature, but you still should know about how to use rabbit traps. When you […]

Rabbit Supplies


Rabbit Supplies for the Beginning Rabbit Farmer Before you begin your rabbit farming venture, you need to know what kind of rabbit supplies you will need. While the supplies for raising rabbits are not nearly as extensive as raising many other types of livestock, there are some supplies and equipment that you must have on […]

Yes, You Need A Rabbit Run

Rabbit Run, Hutch or Cage – What's the Difference? When you raise or farm rabbits, whether it's one as a pet or a few hundred for meat production, you will need to keep the animal(s) contained in a safe environment. Letting a rabbit go wherever it wants in the house unsupervised is a very bad […]