Adventures in Food Stores

 Stockpiling Food Preps …Using Extreme Couponing It’s been 3 years since my mission to start gardening with the kids led me to doing some research that brought me to, where I found a home.  On SurvivalistBoards is where I learned about ‘food stores,‘ and it’s been the one area that we are still severely […]

My Kids Lesson In Financial Survival

A personal story… About Teaching Financial Survival Skills To My Kids You may remember the post from several months ago, when we first moved into this home and my firstborn informed that he needed a website and that it needed to sell a book. Shortly thereafter, he then had a new idea to 'make our […]

Don’t Fight City Hall –

5 Ways To Beat The Obamacare Healthcare Legislation With No Politics Warning! Adults Only, Graphic Language   Let's face facts folks… despite the fact that 2/3 of the American people do not want this legislation, there's a pretty good chance it's not going to be repealed  because well… some people  think Americans are too stupid […]