Journey to the Off the Grid Life

Journey to the Off the Grid Life By []Deb Hinter Making the choice to live off the grid and in the bush is a life changing decision. Many things led us to it. For Ross, it was a natural choice birthed from his love of the bush, the workshops he taught on bush craft and […]

Building a self-sufficient house

A self-sufficient house is one that produces the majority of its own power and food, without help from any outside sources. Self-sufficient houses are becoming increasingly popular due to the advances in “green” technology that makes them more and more successful as family homes. Another factor that makes them attractive is the ever-increasing cost of […]

Teaching Kids The Advantages Of Solar Power

Teaching Your Kids about the Advantages of┬áSolar Energy Guest Post by Alex Geo. Recent studies have shown that our planet is undergoing severe changes because of the intense pollution processes and constant resource consumption. Teaching your kids about the advantages of solar energy or even better renewable energy sources, can and will make a real […]