I Find Your Lack Of Respect Disgusting- Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Is Evil


Time for a little bit of a rant, a lot of education, and some lessons on human behavior. So let’s just start with the rant… If you think the United States should drug test welfare recipients, you are definitely stupid.  And if after all I’m about to say, you continue to cling to such an […]

Campfire Rained Out? No Problem, S’mores Dip To The Rescue

It’s raining in Florida again today… surprise, surprise!  The boys were having a sleepover and we promised S’mores… What to do…? S’Mores Dip To The Rescue!

Enough With The Doomsday Prophecies Already!

Now that we’ve entered ‘election season,’ I find myself increasingly agitated by the sheer volume of stupidity, and worse, hypocrisy I see every day.  And it sure seems like we’re seeing more and more of it I started writing this blog because when the recession came knocking on my door, I realized that I had […]