Are We Failing At Our Most Basic Human Survival Instinct?


The Survival Instinct- Can We Fail At An Instinct? We know that our instincts can fail us from time to time.   But is it possible to ‘fail’ at an instinct? Yesterday, I found myself struggling for a way to verbalize this idea, when I was trying to explain to someone that if they truly believed […]

Our New RGGS Garden- Sub Irrigation


I just got around to taking these pictures today.  This is hands down the easiest gardening I have ever done, and keeping my plants out of my crappy soil just might mean they’ll actually survive a season. I learned about the RGGS- aka, Rain Gutter Grow System here. The system is simple.  It’s based on […]

April Gardening On Florida’s Nature Coast (Zone 9b)

Apri. 7. 2014 Brand New Garden On Florida’s Nature Coast (Zone 9b) While our ‘danger of frost’ is never really much of a danger at all here in Florida, we did have a somewhat ‘long’ winter, for us, and that meant I didn’t really feel like going outside to do much of anything. This should […]