Fall 2015 Planting – Crop 1

The kids were home sick today and it was a rainy day and I had an urge to get my hands in the dirt.  So I started my October planting. 30 heads of letttuce 10 bunches of carrots 15 stalks of corn I need at least 3 more egg cartons (the 30 ct, not the […]

Give Your Kids A Lesson In Critical Thinking Skills- Visit an Online Forum

Sarcastic me is laughing very sarcastically right now, but real me is just saddened by the fact that I’m writing this post. In the wake of all this “Kim Davis” nonsense, I’ve seen people, friends, who I have always considered to be ‘intelligent people,’ reveal an ignorance that is not funny at all, but is […]

I Find Your Lack Of Respect Disgusting- Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Is Evil

Time for a little bit of a rant, a lot of education, and some lessons on human behavior. So let’s just start with the rant… If you think the United States should drug test welfare recipients, you are definitely stupid.  And if after all I’m about to say, you continue to cling to such an […]