A Weekend Solar Project For The Kids- How To Make A Solar Oven

Teach Your Kids How To Make a Solar Oven

Today we have another guest post by Alex Geo.  As a mom who dedicated this entire site to parents who want to teach their kids how to be self sustaining and how to develop survival skills, I love Alex's idea for teaching kids about solar power through this 'solar oven project.'  Kids love projects and this one will keep them busy while learning. 

When you get some free time, introduce your children to fun science related activities that will stimulate their brain and also create a nice bonding experience. Teach your kids how to make a solar oven. It is one of the most common and popular home-made science experiments. It requires cheap materials and it is easy to explain. Discuss the importance of solar energy and make learning a fun experience.

Things You'll Need To Make A Solar Oven

For starters make a shopping list, or better yet an item list considering the fact that most elements needed when building a solar oven can be found around the house. For starters you will need to order a pizza. Keep the cardboard box in which it is delivered. This will be the body for the oven. For completing this home-made solar structure you will also need a pair of scissors or a box knife, some aluminum foil, clear tape, plastic wrap, newspapers, a wooden spoon or a ruler and some black construction paper. After checking all of these objects off the list follow a few easy steps that will lead you and your child to the desired outcome.

How To Make Your Solar Oven

Start off by cutting a small single hinge lid on the upper side of the box. Leave an inch wide border around it. This is probably best done by an adult. The rest is simple and children will be able to handle the tasks necessary in order to complete the job. Pull back the flap and leave it standing in an upward position. Cover the visible side with aluminum foil and use tape to stabilize it and make sure it will not fall down. Take the thick plastic wrap and cover the empty space left after cutting the upper side of the pizza box. Open the main recipient and lay down a layer of black construction paper for good heat absorption. Use the newspapers to insulate the whole structure. This will help keep heat inside the box. The best time to observe and use your solar oven is on a sunny day between 11:00 and 15:00. For better results, make sure the sun is directed right into the aluminum foil. This is a really fun experiment to. Your children will be thrilled by the idea of building something and using it afterwards to cook their own pizza or hot dogs.

Teach your kids how to make a solar oven when on camping trips or even in the back yard and make them realize the importance and the efficiency of solar energy. There is no better way of passing on information to children than fun filled science experiments.

To find out more about how to make a solar oven go to http://advantagesanddisadvantagessolarenergy.com

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